Humble to create strong images across different continents.

Over the last year, I have worked in Sharjah creating Portraits for the Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Summit (WEEGS) in Sharjah United Arab Emirates, head Photographer at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. other locations include Hatch Experience in Montana and Photographer for C2 Montreal .

Where does the Business work fit within my Photography.

What was to be a four year plan became a one year plan. I had been standing waist high mud and water making images of people on a mud run, I was watching as hundreds of people in their most spontaneous moments of just coming up for air, balancing on beams, others helping others who they did not know, I did not take multiple (burst) shots but same as you make a story I watched individuals for moments to get an idea of them and there next position and made one single shot that captured that moment. 

I had also spent a lot of time recovering from an injury that gave me lots of time to study the tech industries as I wanted to create a business from my photography in the same way a tech company would grow.

its then that I brought this idea of capturing people for who they are as that is exactly what the investor wants to see in their pitch.

No B.S. 

So I mostly capture people in the environment they work , spend time getting to know their business and we go from there.

If you read this same section on the creative page then it gives you more of an idea why I started the business.

Image below is from he mud run.

During the session

Head shots to upper half of the body are always created,

I tend to shoot wide angle close up that allows for both strong details of the person and the environment.

we spend between 15 minutes to half an hour normally getting to know each other and I shoot while we chat.

sometimes of course time is and issue because you have meetings etc so we get the shots we can and then sometimes plan an extra session another time while I am at the location.

I always create an editorial look for the session so that its use can be for both online and print.

The first few moments are just about you and who you are, what you do and the location.