Co-lab and Business

When an investor/client looks at your pitch, you know they do not want to see any B.S. and want to see the facts and for you to be fully open..
So there is no difference when it comes to your Portrait, I do what I can to show you (fine line between the ego and the real) while thinking of where this shall be seen, online, in front of investors/clients and editorials. 

What exactly takes place during your portrait sessions  (Do you use an office, the club space, etc…)

Sessions last anything from 10 minuets to half and hour. I always want to talk with the subject, get an understanding of their character, the work they do, their ambitions etc. this helps create a more relaxed atmosphere, I enjoy getting to know them and their work, and helps create within those moments a few strong shots. 

Anywhere with natural light is preferred. if in a darker area then constant lights are used. no flash light set ups.

any space can be used but something that shows either character, history of where they are or specific to their business is good.

I always shoot black and white in camera and choose during the edit if we use color or not(or both)

shooting black and white in camera also allows me to know if the light works or not giving us more time to just talk and shoot.

I always try to create a close up and more of an environmental shot in one session.

How many people would you be photographing at a time

A safe amount is one person per 15 to 30 minuets, maybe the session takes just 10 minuets and the rest of the time is getting to know each other, relax nerves etc. so in a work day 15 to 30 people. for groups 30 minuets to and hour depending on amount and specific locations.

Do you have large equipment that needs to be set up?  

unless a set is need for a specific project, equipment is kept to a minimum both for my own travel style / way of working and to not interrupt the surroundings too much.

my backdrop with cool surroundings is always a nice mix.

  • Camera 
  • lenses
  • 2 x lights
  • backdrop
  • backdrop stand
  • laptop

How much time and space would you need to work?

From one to 5 days at a single location.

30 minuets to an hour set-up time.

if using backdrop: 3m by 3m is enough (more is great)

Most places I work have great scenery/ style so a shame if this is not used in someway.

What potential dates are you interested in?

Over the next twelve months Calendly shall be used per location.

cities and dates shall be added as we go through the year.

Planning, nerves and the unexpected.

Clothes: Smart casual works for the most shoots, normally creating a couple of serious and relaxed shots for different uses. if possible not too creased (distracting creases can be retouched)

Do you have pets at home?! try to keep their hairs at home:) I bring a roll brush just in case.

Nerves: I use nearly always both natural light and/or constant lights. Flash lights always create distractions. 

First timers and everyone else.

lips, breathing and the body.

first the nerves are there for a few hours before the shoot knowing it has been years or never of getting an actual Portrait. we chat, relax a little and then I bring the camera up, the nerves start to build, all of those nerves start concentrate from the head to the lips, the lips tighten, you forget to breath and your body starts making shapes it has never made before! 

This is one of the reasons I always talk with the people during the shoot, already getting to know them and help spot the moments to help you breath a little more and feel confident in the session.

at least 70% of people who have their portraits taken are nervous so you are not alone. 

The body and hair:


if a couple of hairs are out of place I will first ask if you can shake/organize, if still out of place I will ask if I can move them,  if there is hair or fluff etc on clothing I will as if I can remove it from the shoulders up.


I will tend to walk up to you letting you know I am going to change something with your hair or remove fluff etc. this is anywhere except the crotch, 


It saves time and atmosphere if I can remove or change something you cannot see yourself.

so far this has never been an issue and welcome to say no or depending on western and eastern culture and if an assistant is at hand.

Unexpected moments:

If we are in a location that is too windy or sunny then we plan another session but 99% of the time we have already checked location and weather etc for any out door locations.

Sometimes the unexpected leads to the best shots!.

Maybe you cannot stop laughing,(already experienced)

if this is your character then do not try and be something else I will capture the laughing shots and the bits in between!

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