Where does the Creative work fit within my Photography.

After working at a couple of production houses and spending most of my time watching the grades and edits, I started focusing so much on story and characters in the story. this was coming from strong Commercials for Nike, Samsung, Play Station and how the brand was becoming much more about the strength of the individual and the people around them.

So I decided I wanted to do this myself. Create strong work that showcases the person and let the brand come from this.

I have been able to meet some amazing people over the last two years and this just pushes me forward to carry on doing this and grow stronger and stronger in my own craft.

Cross Pollination of business and creativeness.

Because of working so much with Founders and Creators and watching how intertwined creativeness and business is to create their product / brand / concept, has made it easy to see the importance of allowing these to grow together and reason I try to create as much of an honest portrait for both business and creative projects.

Where the work turns into printable or editorial pieces.

Any image I create I cannot help but think about the composition of the shot, who is the person, what is the background, can this work within Print. From there sometimes a Shot becomes more of an art piece in itself. 


Get in contact and we can see how I can help build you, your brand or project from a creative project to a full lifestyle shoot and post-production.

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