Intimate and nothing taken away

These are the portraits that are created either on textured black or white background. the only thing that might be retouched is a spot or two. lines, scars stay. This is a moment to talk or just be silent and shoot.

I ask any question I want, you choose to answer or not. you get to tell me anything you want. Sometimes a very funny session and sometimes very emotional. 

Sometimes very still, sometimes jumping and dancing.

these images are about being proud of who you are and letting others see you. 

An honest Portrait, ego or not.

I see an end use for these for print and editorial.

Projects like Portraits worth shouting about are created from this.

Many of the people included are of people that have been working at their craft for years and have been inspiring others.

Connections are the most important part of the shoot

Cross Pollination of business and creativeness.

As well as these pieces being seen maybe more as art, on a business side this is showing the people behind the business / venture, people that are showing themselves for who they are.

Work hard and be humble to the life we have by inspiring others and loving what you do. 

Where the work turns into printable or editorial pieces.

Any image I create I cannot help but think about the composition of the shot, who is the person, what is the background, can this work within Print. From there sometimes a Shot becomes more of an art piece in itself. 

Just contact me and we see where and when is possible.

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