The Sessions Magazine

Getting up close and personal with the business makers, creators and change makers.

Creating a magazine that empowers, inspires and allows others to tell part of their story.

Created for Founders and Creators.

Created to read while traveling and wanting a fresh look at business and the people involved.

Going deeper into why they created or crafted their business.

Showing the collaborations that we maybe miss and how important they are. 

Editorial style

Documenting people, projects, events and products in a strong visual editorial finish.  

Where did creating the magazine come from?

When creating the images I always wanted to know more about the client, their back story, what they are up to now and their plans for the coming year. (and this always seemed to follow a tech path where my interests lay).

After a year of finding myself always being curious and wanting to get deeper into the conversations I was involved in or listening to and being among some very heavy and interesting private topics there was something we always felt should be shown or spoken about with a wider audience.

Where does the interests lay within the magazine?

Within Tech, Dance, Music, Founders, Creators, teachers, poets, scientists, Diversity, Empowerment, Equality and so much more.

These are the things I keep being surrounded by during my work and within the first few issues of the magazine, it shall be very clear of why and how these all fit together.

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