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Getting up close and personal with the business makers, creators and change makers.

The 14

I have chosen 14 people (if they agree) to be a part of The Sessions.

If we was a single body, I can take something from each person to create its own self (Family, Saver, emotion, action maker, action taker, compassion, empathy, vulnerability, strength, creator, eye opener, inspiration, love, craft.)

Volume One is to be created during 2019-2020.
Sessions are one or more over the year to show different aspects of each person, their craft and connections and the actions, learning over the year.

(writing this at the moment so shall keep updating)

So far we have a yes from: 

Erin Patton

Mark Brand:

Kimberly Motley:

Victor Pineda:

Tony Milano:

Oman Frame:

Holley M Murchison

Quentin Robinson:

Annalisa Enrile:

Marcus Glover:

Philip Sheppard:

Empowerment, listening, empathy, action, craft, diversity, love, trust, honesty, network, family, friends, all under one roof @HatchExperience

Studio Session at Abbey Road Studios, Studio 1. 

The business of the magazine.

most of the biggest important down to earth conversations, meetings happen outside of public view but these are the ones that tend to define who we are and why we work the way we do. 

Capture the stories of founders and creators. people who are inspiring others by creating and/or taking actions that build us as people.

These stories take place within one session or multiple sessions over a year.

The stories/sessions capture both the face to face meetings/speaker sessions/daily workings and the deeper one to one and out of hours sessions. 

Action: To make us take time to learn about others that builds our own want to inspire and create actions.

To show that so many of these people have so many things in common and/or can use these things to create flowing action.

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