The Work

I am humble to the Portraits and projects I get to work on.

This last year and a half has been both a strong and amazing year based on the projects I have been able to work on and people I have met.

My work is about putting people of strong craft within business on a pedestal.

telling a story through color, tone, light and atmosphere that allows the viewer to understand that story or vision.

Diversity and equality play a big part on how I work and I hope this can and will always be seen through the work I create and the projects I work on.

Creating work that both champions the craft of business, diversity and human nature.

Capturing the interactions and togetherness that is created through these sessions.

Color and tone that helps tell the story

I am lucky enough to be working alongside production teams that have worked hard to create a great atmosphere for their events and sessions.

This works well along side my Photography, Before working as a Photographer I worked in Post production, this gave me a huge understanding of the use and importance of light and how it helps tell the story.

Visually adding strength to the brand.

Every shot used needs to fit a style that works for an editorial look.

whether the shot shows a logo or person, the lighting and composition must have an end look that can be used within an editorial.

keeping this in my mind means check the surroundings, check the light, is it telling the story you want it to tell. 

Capturing the Interactions and stories that flow

I am not a Photographer that runs in to a room blind, makes a shot and runs out for the next shot!

Even if for a minute, I need to listen to and watch the speaker or conversation in front of me so that I know the image I have made and send forward fits the story of the moment.

My best moment to explain this:

A talk about local farming, I stayed for the session making shots when it felt right, other Photographer runs in makes shot, looks at table, Picks up a store bought Carrot vs the local grown, takes a bite and smiles at the people at the table, says's yummy and walks out again.

what kind of feeling does this leave?

I feel however short of a time you have to be in a session, at least get the understanding of who you are with and what is the story being told.

spending that extra time allows for you to tell the story better, respect from the people you are with and you get to learn from the people talking.

A Venture Capitalist, magazine founder, Forbes 30 under 30, 16 year old poet.

A mix of portraits

Astronaut: Cady Coleman

If you would like to contact me about future projects or sessions you would like to have me involved in to help tell your story, please get in touch. 

I am based in The Netherlands and regularly work in the UK and United states / Canada.

2 hours and 7-14 hours away:)

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